The Shocking Results from Black Friday Weekend

The shocking Results from Black Friday weekend.

Shocker #1: The top five categories for consumer purchases (The NPD Group Anatomy of Black Friday Report)

1) Clothing – 32 percent (of shoppers bought)
2) Electronics – 18 percent
3) Toys – 16 percent
4) Movies/DVD’s – 16 percent
5) Footwear – 13 percent

The shocker is Footwear making the top 5, let alone the top 10. Footwear has not been thought of as a traditional holiday gift, but for the past two years I have seen the trend emerging and earlier this year I asked the footwear industry to pay attention to this as an opportunity. Just look at the younger consumers focus on shearling boots and athletic shoes.

Shocker #2: The number of consumers buying Doorbusters topped 33 percent, and for technology that number grew to 60 percent.

Shocker #3: This one might have shocked many but I am not all that surprised that according to the New NPD Group Mobile Study for Black Friday Shopping, 22 percent of respondents shopped on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day and/or Night). The busiest times when consumers went to stores were 5:00-6:00 p.m. (23 percent) 7:00-8:00 p.m. (19 percent) and 8:00-9:00 p.m. (17 percent).

Shocker #4: Again from The NPD Group’s Mobile Black Friday Report, 36 percent of consumers did use their Mobile device to shop and learn about merchandise they were interested in while in stores (though keep in mind only mobile consumers were asked this question).

So here we see that retailers are now truly in the 21st century. New traditions were born with extended hours into Thursday and Mobile shopping, both on device and showrooming, reaching heights worthy of addressing. Retailers both online and Brick and Morter will look at the success of Black Friday and take them to new heights next year. And the progressive retailers will act even sooner for this year.

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