The Gift Of Great Skin?

The holiday season is in full force. Walk through any beauty space right now and you will find an endless array of beautifully packaged fragrance and makeup gifts that are full of color and merriment.

What never ceases to amaze me, however, is the sheer volume of festively decorated and specially packaged skincare gift sets that are available. And not just any old skincare sets, but anti-aging skincare sets (no pun intended). Tell me, is the blow of receiving a rapid wrinkle repair product lessened when it’s packed inside a sparkly red, green, or gold box? As the receiver of a gift like this, it has to mess with your mind a little bit. On one hand, you are thrilled to get such a generous gift, as most of these sets are pretty pricey. On the other hand, you must be thinking, “Do I really look like I need this?”

My age likely plays a key role here, because personally, I would not receive these types of gifts well. I would be outwardly gracious, and inwardly paranoid. But maybe I’m just self-conscious, and not the rapid wrinkle repair demographic. I must be in the minority though, given that sales of skincare gift sets sold in prestige department stores during the month of December more than doubled in dollar volume since 2008, to reach over $94 million in 2012*. And among the top ranked skincare sets, more than half were anti-aging focused**.

Yes, these sets provide great value… “Wow, a free full size anti-aging eye cream is included for the same price as if I bought the serum alone? I’m in!” Because of this, I know some people actually ask for these sets as a gift. Also because of this, I know some of these ‘gifts’ are purchased by consumers for themselves.

However, the success of skincare sets during the holiday season suggests that wish lists and self-gifting aren’t the only things driving growth. This means there are some women out there who will open a pretty box filled with the gift of great skin, for which they will be very grateful … and maybe feel just a little bit paranoid.

*Source: The NPD Group, Inc. / BeautyTrends
** Source: The NPD Group, Inc. / BeautyTrends (excluding skincare tools sets)

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