Of Cabbages and Brussels Sprouts

The Economist just published this survey of British eating habits.  Much of it will sound familiar to Americans.  Much of it will sound familiar to people from other countries as it brings up memories of articles that express concern for becoming ”too American.” There’s a funny little bit in the middle about cabbage and Brussels sprouts.  It reminded me of this Grafton Street billboard (shown below) that I came across in Dublin a number of years ago.  It pops up on my screen saver from time to time and always makes me smile.

And speaking of cabbage, I’ve just read in Jo Robinson’s very informative “Eating on the Wild Side” that cabbage is the world’s most popular vegetable.  Not so much in the US where we eat about a fifth as much as they do in Eastern Europe and half as much as folks in Western Europe do.  No wonder it’s held up as a standard of how eating has changed in Great Britain.

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