Just What the Doctor Ordered

As I had expected as well as predicted in my post-election day blog, now that the election is over retailers have noticed a spike in foot traffic. Also, as the Northeast continues to recover from Sandy with electric back on to power their homes and gas back in the pumps to fill up their cars, shoppers feel more secure and they have the urge and freedom to shop.

Over the weekend, especially on Sunday, throughout the east coast I witnessed shoppers who have started to feel the holiday fever. The reports from the Central States and out West were also positive which gave us a nice lift this weekend in retail sales. It truly is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Stores were busy, shopping bag counts were on the rise and brands / retailers that are still faced with challenges even showed promise this weekend.

The discounts were abundant, due to the extra Veteran Day sales around town, mostly buy one get one half off, a clear sign stores tried hard to manage their inventories in key categories. There is still plenty of work to be done to restore power and assist in clean-up duty for many of those hit hardest by Sandy but retailers must continue to think outside the box to keep the momentum to reach the end goal – drive sales.

Stay tuned for my next blog where I will discuss the steps sellers ought to take throughout this holiday season to maximize their business.

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