Holiday 2013: More Click Or Brick?

In a recent NPD Group study powered by CivicScience, we asked 1100 consumers how they felt about holiday 2013; the results are interesting. When asked which had the better deals, online came in on top with 31% of respondents stating online offered better deals, compared to the 18% of respondents that stated stores had better deals (26% of respondents stated both had the same deals). In other words, 57% of shoppers found deals online to be more attractive or certainly as good as what they could find in traditional brick and mortar stores.

This creates a dual threat to in-store shopping: one is related to the earlier blog post about being careful what you wish for, because you might just get it, with shoppers shopping online instead of in stores, and the other threat is the loss of what generates most of the holiday growth – impulse purchases and self-gifting. When consumers see items at great prices, either for themselves or others, consumers often can’t resist purchasing those items. It can even push the consumer to take advantage of those great deals by self-gifting; after all, with such great deals why not buy one for yourself while buying for a loved one, too? It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? However, because this impulse comes from shopping in stores much more than online, when retailers drive traffic online, they are limiting the amount of impulse and self-gifting opportunities. This robs the opportunity for stores to get some of that ever-so-important growth. This is especially important when you keep in mind that, this year, self-gifting is likely to come in around 25%, reaching all-time highs since NPD has been tracking it over the past decade.

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