Do Overlook the Obvious

I was kind of stunned by the amount of media attention given to a recent survey that addressed, among other things, ethnic preferences for fast food brands.  It “revealed” that Hispanics had high preference indices for In-N-Out Burger and Asians for Jamba Juice.

The great teacher of all of us long-timers at NPD foodservice, Doreen Zavada, would no doubt have chided any of us for “finding” such a thing.  Those restaurant chains happen to be where there are larger populations of Hispanics and Asians than in other parts of the country.

One might observe that Inuits, who (apocryphally) have 40 words for “snow”, don’t like Waffle House at all.  Perhaps because they have no word for “waffle”.

The real question to ask is, given a local population and given the availability of restaurant brands, which brands are the winners and losers?


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