Au contraire, mon ami

Is there anything the US press likes more than a piece of news that makes the French look less French and more, well, American?

All my newsreaders are full of re-reporting of a study that shows that half of French foodservice sales are going to quick service restaurants (QSR) these days.  Zoot alors!  How could this be?

The reason it’s so surprising is that it’s not true.

The NPD Group’s foodservice market research, CREST®, has for the past 6 years tracked consumer foodservice purchases in France.  We do it every day of every year, rain or shine.  And here’s what that research has told us, month after month, year after year.

It has told us that QSRs in France get about a third of all the spending to restaurants while full service places get a little more than that. The relationship between the two has held steady for the past five years. Catering, or on-site services, garner a larger share of the industry than we find in any other of the 11 countries where we conduct ongoing consumer foodservice research and they have grown in importance in the past five years. Of course, QSRs do get a larger share of visits to restaurants than do full service places.  This, however, is not new.  It has been true as long as we have been tracking it.

AND, this isn’t the QSR that Americans are thinking of.  The global (read: American) chains that come to the minds of Americans account for less than 10% of all traffic in France. It’s the French sandwich and bakery places that drive QSRs as much as or more than hamburger places. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Non?




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